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Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.
— Bill Bernbach
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The Competitive Edge.

Sprynt's unique and highly-targeted advertising platform allows companies to effectively connect with consumers in our service area.  We grant our clients a large degree of poetic license in designing and customizing their advertisements while accommodating budgets of all sizes.  

Anyone can deliver your message.  Our creative approach ensures it makes an impression.

Our Highly Desirable Service Area.

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At Sprynt, we don't cut corners.  We understand that even the best advertisements are useless if not exposed to the proper audience.  Our service area was carefully selected to ensure demand for Sprynt's alternative method of transportation.  Why?  Because Sprynt's passengers represent an engaged audience for our advertising clients.  And not just any audience...

We'd like to introduce you to Sprynt's service area:

Median Household Income


Spending on Retail,
Food, and Beverage

$2+ Billion / Year

Median Age


This is the market we offer our clients.  And this is the market in which our clients repeatedly make an impression.

More Than Just a Billboard.

In addition to advertising solutions, we offer our clients marketing data collected specifically to assist them in increasing the effectiveness of their advertising.  It's just another way we give our clients a competitive advantage when creating advertising that makes an impression.

Eco-Friendly Advertising.

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Whether your business is focused on sustainability or you would simply like to attract environmentally-conscious consumers, eco-friendly advertising can be a powerful plank of your overall marketing strategy.  Advertising with Sprynt lets you show consumers that you care about the environment.  And when you show people you care, it always makes an impression.

It's Easy to Make Good Decisions When There Are No Bad Options.


Tier 1 Advertising - Vehicle iPad App

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Tier 2 Advertising - Sprynt Mobile App


Tier 3 Advertising - Vehicle Wraps

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Tier 4 Advertising - Samples & Giveaways

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