Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Average Wait Time appear to be inaccurate sometimes?

When you request a ride, the request is communicated to, and accepted by, any available driver.  In the likely event that all drivers are currently fulfilling other ride requests, your request is placed in a queue that works on a "first-come, first-served" basis.  The Average Wait Time displayed is calculated based on the trailing 30 minutes and is calculated as the average amount of time elapsed from the moment a request is submitted to when it is accepted by a driver.  Because it is an average of the past 30 minutes, it's possible that your actual wait time may differ from the Average Wait Time displayed while you're in the queue.  We are working towards the eventual goal of providing riders with a more accurate estimated time of arrival.  In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Is there a minimum age to ride in a Sprynt vehicle?

Yes.  Per our Terms & Conditions, all passengers must be above the age of 18.  Please click here for the full text of our Terms & Conditions.

Are pets permitted to ride with their owners on Sprynt vehicles?

Yes, we absolutely allow pets to ride with their owners. If your pet is well-behaved, he or she is more than welcome! Owners are responsible for their pets.

Are there any plans to expand Sprynt’s coverage area?

It has been very exciting getting the operation up and running here in Arlington and we've received considerable interest in expanding our service area.  Thanks to the support of the Rosslyn BID, we will be expanding fully into Rosslyn for our 2018 season.  We are currently considering the possibility of expanding into additional markets, both locally and nationally.

Does Sprynt have an Android option?

Unfortunately, we do not yet have an Android app.  We do not have an estimate as to when the Android app will be available, but we do aim to incorporate feedback generated from the iOS app into the Android release, which should make for an overall improved experience for Android users.  We'll be sure to notify everyone once the app is released for Android and apologize for any inconvenience to our Android users.

What happens during cold and inclement weather?

Sprynt continues to operate in rainy, inclement weather, provided management determines the vehicles can be safely operated in the existing conditions.  The vehicles are equipped with full doors and windows that can be raised for wet or mildly cold weather.  Currently, Sprynt only operates in Arlington for 9 months from April to December, though we have plans to expand to year-round operation in 2019.

Can Sprynt’s vehicles accommodate disabled riders?

Not yet, but we have begun conversations with the manufacturer to engineer a vehicle modification that would have a ramp and remove the middle row of seats to add convenience for disabled riders.  It may take a bit of expansion and funding before we are able to roll out the design to our fleet, but we will definitely continue to pursue this initiative.

Is smoking allowed on Sprynt vehicles?

We have a strict non-smoking policy.

Why does the app indicate that I'm outside the service area when I'm clearly within the boundaries?

The "current location" function uses your cellular device signal to determine your GPS location.  A number of variables impact the accuracy of your signal's location, but it may be off by up to a few hundred meters.  To mitigate any "out of service area" issues, simply type in your address and you'll be all set!