Best new addition to Arlington.  "This is a great concept and a great execution.  As a resident of Lyon Village, we are blessed to be able to use this FREE service to bop around our area.  Please download the app, use the service, and tell the supporting vendors and potential advertisers how much you value it."  - Eisnerw via the App Store


Brilliant!  "Amazing!  Like the others, a bit skeptical on how this would work, but it's a brilliant addition to the Orange line corridor.  I ended up riding four times the first week I tried and will certainly be back for more!"  - johara2010 via the App Store


No catch, just free ride!  "I was skeptical of this as nothing is truly free, but this really was.  Super courteous driver picked me up within 3 minutes and dropped me off right where I needed to go!  Highly recommended with no strings attached."  - rhs615 via the App Store


Best things since sliced bread.  "Seems too good to be true but nope it's real.  Everyone in Arlington should get in this."  - Jaron Reynolds via the App Store


Ingenious!  "This service is incredible!  FREE rides throughout Arlington.  Ride was very comfortable and my driver, Benjamin, was friendly and a great driver!  I am officially a loyal customer!"  - Rachel M23 via the App Store


Awesome service.  "This is a brilliant idea.  I wish Arlington had this app when I lived there!" - jacmac510 via the App Store


Awesome ride.  "The car came really quick and ride was great.  Can't beat a free ride!!  Driver was really nice and friendly."  - 


Easy to Use Next Gen in Transit.  "Great app.  Drivers for this company are friendly and professional, and it's fun riding in electric vehicles to protect the environment.  App is also user-friendly and intuitive."  - Fantomex1234 via the App Store


Awesome app for quick and convenient free rides!  "I was a little skeptical of getting a free ride but I was walking from Clarendon to Ballston with groceries when it started to rain.  I had seen the Sprynt vehicles driving around the area and decided to give it a try  The car arrived within 3 minutes, and the driver (Jonathan) was super friendly and talked to us about their business model.  It's also great that the vehicles are electric.  Definitely recommend for any time you need a quick ride to the bar, a restaurant, groceries, etc."  - CP8990 via the App Store


What a great addition to Arlington.  "This is really, really awesome.  You can't really go wrong here- it's actually a free ride anywhere from Ballston to Court House, paid for completely by local business/restaurant advertising.  We actually rode with one of the founders, who was very nice, earnest, and genuinely interested in our feedback and user experience."  - rmurph13 via the App Store


Awesome idea!  "This is perfect for people who live and work in the area!  Better than metro in that you're outside, you can hail from wherever, and it's free.  I think this will be the future of how we commute."  - Sunsine via the App Store


Excellent app for new transportation alternative!  Bravo.  "I never leave reviews, but I enjoyed using Sprynt for the first time one evening and want the concept to succeed, as it's unique, free, practical, locally focused, and environmentally friendly.  The owner was my driver, and he gave just enough explanation of the business model and ads showing.  The app was easy to use, and my ride arrived quickly.  Highly recommend, and hope to see it expand to Rosslyn.  Wishing you guys continued success!"  - taking turns via the App Store


Easy-to-use app, good service.  "I just tried Sprynt for the first time tonight.  The app was very easy to use and accurately stated the time until a driver would arrive once a car came within range."  - F. Jasmine via the App Store


Great for groceries!  "I honestly didn't know how this service could be helpful with such a limited area.  I live in Ballston and I normally either bike or walk to Clarendon.  However this service is the best for groceries because I can get a huge load without having to use the metro or driving my car.  Great service and friendly people.  Thanks!"  - Thrifty Rider via the App Store


Awesome concept, flawless execution.  "I'm a bit tech and startup guy and I was very interested in this group because of their business model.  I took my first ride and it was perfect!  Picked me up in a few minuets, simple ride, then dropped off at the door.  The driver wasn't pushy, didn't ask for a tip, and let me take a picture!"  - Courthouse Consultant via the App Store


Absolutely amazing!  "Took Sprynt for the first time and it's a win-win!  Restaurants get amazing advertising opportunities and customers get a safe free ride to the restaurant or bar!  We met the owner and he was so kind and passionate!  If we are going anywhere in the area we will always choose Sprynt first!"  - honest.al via the App Store


Fast, Reliable, Fun!  "The drivers come, pick you up, and drop you off just like Uber but free (and a lot more efficient)!  Now I can satisfy my Nicecream cravings with a free easy ride and has helped me change up my Arlington routine.  I'd highly recommend this service to anyone."  -  ARL Nativd via the App Store


Amazing service!  "I have been riding Sprynt for the past week and have been super impressed with everyone's friendliness and the service!  S/O to Mo and Jonathan for awesome rides this week.  Watch out Uber, this is the new alternative to fast rides around your favorite places in Arlington."  - Angie Norwich via the App Store